Date: Feb 28, 2018

It's spring time.Time of the year to get out and get moving. You only need to get moving for 20 minutes to start feeling happier.When you exercise endorphins are released in your brain and you feel awesome. Get more sleep! researchers suggest that if you sleep for 6 to 7 hours eve...

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red rice salad with cucumber and tomato

Date: Feb 20, 2018

it is very healthy and energetic recipe. red rice salad with cucumber and tomato is too much delicious, and easy to make for working woman.

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should we cut all the carbs to lose weight ?

Date: Feb 13, 2018

when you cut all the carbs from your diet,you will get a tremendous wt.loss.But this type of wt.loss is neither sustainable nor healthy.Our body needs carbohydrates,which is the main source of energy for our physical activity.Not taking carbs may lead to fatigue,headache and other serious health haz...

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Strawberry Rocket leaves salad with feta cheese

Date: Feb 3, 2018

Strawberry and rocket leaves salad is very crunchy and nutritious which is palatable and have many health benefits.

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Age is just a number- when it comes to stay fit.

Date: Jan 24, 2018

To feel good and fit at the age of 40’s is no longer impossible. Many have already set the example. All you need is ........

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Healthy Hogging In Winter

Date: Jan 18, 2018

We generally feel hungrier in winter as body burn more calories through the day to keep itself warm.......

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Thukpa soup

Date: Jan 5, 2018

Thupka soup is loaded with vegetables and noodles which is good option for meal.Its very yummy and children will also like it.

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Is protein bar making you fat? lets find it out.

Date: Jan 2, 2018

Myth-Replacing meals with protein bars help loose weight. Fact: Protein bars are loaded with sweeteners (sugar in any form), preservatives.......

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Oats Strawberry Cake

Date: Dec 22, 2017

This time celebrate your Christmas and New Year with this amazing sweet treat which is yummy,healthy,low in calorie and and just right for your party mood.

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Grilled Fish

Date: Dec 18, 2017

Grilled fish can be healthy addition in diet.It helps in weight loss as its less in calories and keeps you full for long time.

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