Green tea with raw mango smoothie

Date: Apr 4, 2018 Categories: Healthy Drinks

you know green tea is a powerful antioxidant and helps to reduce free radicals. but here, we are getting dual benefits of raw mango with anti ageing green tea. Raw mangoes are rich in vitamin A and C. Raw mangoes and green tea also helps in digestion and remove constipation.

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Lemon Grass Tea

Date: Aug 25, 2017 Categories: Healthy Drinks

Lemon grass is a plant which contains antioxidants,flavonoids and phenolic compounds.It has many medicinal and antimicrobial properties which help in many gastrointestinal disorders.It helps in cleansing and detox body because of its diuretic properties.

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Date: Jun 22, 2017 Categories: Healthy Drinks

Avocado is a good source of saturated fatty acid.It is healthy if taken is also a good source of antioxidants. Avocados are delicious and can be used in various recipes like salads,dip etc.

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Apple mint raita

Date: May 30, 2017 Categories: Healthy Drinks

Apple mint raita is very yummy and creamy preparation, which is very best option to alternate routine boondi raita. It can be served with biryani and other main course food items.

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Summer Cool Drink

Date: Apr 26, 2017 Categories: Healthy Drinks

People usually don't consider water as a mood enhancer.However,studies have proved otherwise.Even mild dehydration can alter a person's mood,energy levels and ability to think clearly.

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Bael sharbat

Date: Apr 19, 2017 Categories: Healthy Drinks

Bael sherbet get instant relief from the heat stroke during summer.Its very rich in fibre and helps in constipation.

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Detox water to get rid of belly fat

Date: Apr 5, 2017 Categories: Healthy Drinks

This detox water will help you to burn belly fat and get into shape.It also helps for glowing skin.

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Strawberry yogurt smoothie

Date: Mar 1, 2017 Categories: Healthy Drinks

Yummy strawberry ,oats and yougart smoothie to keep your stomach cool And at the same time full. This smoothie can replace your breakfast. A step to good health

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Wood apple or Bael fruit-health benefits

Date: May 31, 2012 Categories: Healthy Drinks

Bael fruit is full of minerals it consists of carbohydrates, protein, vitamin C,and minerals like iron, phosphorusand thiamin. The presence of such nutrients including fibers makes it useful in the treatment of digestive and gastrointestinal disorders. bael fruit drink helps you relieve constipati...

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