Lettuce Chicken Wrap

Date: Sep 12, 2019 Categories: Rolls & Wraps

Lettuce chicken wrap is a very tempting and interesting recipe for a change and comes as a handy meal when you are very busy in your work.Being rich in protein and fibre, it keeps you full for long hours.

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Raw Mango and Avocado Roll

Date: Jul 4, 2019 Categories: Rolls & Wraps

Presenting a yumm, mouth watering,healthy and a summer cool meal for your sunny days.The ingredients used in this recipe,Avocado and flax seeds are rich in omega -3 fatty acid, vitamin A and vitamin C.It nourishes your skin, hair and also good for heart.

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Open Toast Egg Sandwich

Date: Dec 7, 2018 Categories: Rolls & Wraps

Egg toast has been the most popular and filling breakfast for many of us. It completes the protein- carb combination required at breakfast meal. Here is a nice version of egg and toast which you would love to eat.

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Apple rolls

Date: May 24, 2018 Categories: Rolls & Wraps

Ingredients- 2 apples sliced ½ cup oat or wheat bran 1 cup whole wheat flour Skimmed milk to make the batter 2-3 tsp zero sugar ½ tsp cardamom powder/ cinnamon powder 2-3 tsp olive oil Salt to taste 1 cup water Method- Sieve flour and salt together in a bowl and add sugar. Pour milk in...

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Veggie wrap

Date: May 21, 2018 Categories: Rolls & Wraps

Ingredients For the filling- onions 50 gm Cauliflower- 50 gm Carrot- 50 gm Peas 50 gm Tomato- 50 gm Oil 1 tbsp Tomato sauce – ½ tbsp Salt, chili powder, herbs (oregano, coriander/ jeera powder etc.- t o taste For the wrap- Whole wheat flour – 50 gm 10 tsp Soy flour – 40 gm(8 tbsp) Ma...

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chicken roll

Date: May 21, 2018 Categories: Rolls & Wraps

Ingredients- 4 soft rotis (prepared with milk) 4 chicken breasts- cut into ½ inch strips (without bone) 6 capsicums 1tbsp garlic cloves 1tsp ground cumin 2tbsp vinegar 200ml water Salt and pepper to taste To garnish – 2 shredded green chilies 1 bunch of spring onions 1 tbsp oil. Meth...

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Veggie Hummus Wrap

Date: May 18, 2018 Categories: Rolls & Wraps

Ingredients- 1 cup beans 2 garlic cloves 3tbsp fresh squeezed lemon juice ¼ tea spoon ground cumin and salt 1 cup shredded lettuce ¼ cup long cut carrots and bell pepper ¼ cup grape or cherry tomatoes, coarsely chopped ¼ cup coarsely chopped pitted olives 1 table spoon crumbled reduced fat f...

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Grilled vegetables in Pita Pocket

Date: Nov 30, 2017 Categories: Rolls & Wraps

Pita bread is also known as Arabic bread.It is generally eaten with hummus.We can make its wrap,pockets also.Try this pita pocket recipe which is tasty as well as healthy.

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Red Pumpkin Parantha

Date: Sep 1, 2017 Categories: Rolls & Wraps

Add a healthy twist to your everyday parantha(stuffed flat bread)with amazing health benefits of pumpkin.

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recipe for healthy dahi kebeb/hung curd cutlet

Date: May 2, 2012 Categories: Rolls & Wraps

HUNG CURD DUMPLING Ingredients: Hung curd � 250 g Potato- 50 g Beetroot- 50 g onion- 20 g cardamom powder- � tsp ginger- 5 gm a pinch of salt ( to be avoided by hypertensive, use tata lite instead) 4- 5 green chillies Coriander- a few spigs Makhana powder � 1 tbsp Chat masala- 2...

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